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Electronic Pens Elections klix.baThe Central Election Commission of B&H organized a presentation of the inclusion of advanced technologies into the electoral process in B&H, including the use of electronic pen.

The event “Presentation of the use of advanced technologies in the election process” was held at the premises of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina, organized by the Central Election Commission of B&H. The presentation was attended by the President of FB&H Marinko Čavara, representatives of political parties and electoral administration and numerous other individuals from political and social life. The attendees has an opportunity to watch the presentation and demonstration of new technologies in the Central Election Commission.

“In the beginning, we will watch a presentation of an electric pen as one of the solutions proposed by an international expert,” Šantić said.

The attendees then had an opportunity to watch the simulation of voting in order to demonstrate the practical way of voting and counting votes with the mediation by the electronic pan, as well as the ways in which the pen contributes to the prevention of electoral frauds.

“What I would like to point out is the faster publishing of results, because that is the main setback that burdened the main process during all these years,” Šantić said.

Šantić highlighted that this is an exceptionally important process, given that it enables bot the decision makers and representatives of legislative authorities to be informed about possible steps and directions during the amending of laws.

“I believe that we can confidently claim that the inclusion of modern technologies into the process of voting in B&H, and especially in the process of counting votes, would be one of the most significant projects after the introduction of the project of passive registration of voters in B&H that occurred in 2006,” Šantić concluded.

(Source: klix.ba)

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