View from Yellow Bastion can be hardly described by Words (Video)


Yellow bastion or Cannon is a place visited by almost every resident of Sarajevo at least once in their lives, and where the view from this place on Vratnik can hardly be described by words.

It was built during the Ottoman Empire, and it is located in the old part of the city, or more specifically in Vratnik, in Jekovac Street.

This building was built in 1809, and it is located within the ramparts of Vratnik. Name Yellow bastion came from the yellow colored stone, but anyone from Vratnik will call it by its other, better known name. So, when you hear someone from Vratnik says: “Let’s go to the Cannon”, you know that he is thinking on the Yellow Bastion.


The name ‘’Cannon’ ’came from the fact that the firing of the cannon as a sign of the end of fasting at the time of Maghrib prayer, began during the Ottoman Empire. The tradition has been kept until today, but of course, nowadays fireworks instead of real joules are fired from the cannon at the time of iftar.

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