Villa ‘Mir’ is a Place where Tito was supposed to live until his Death


Tito never got to move in it, Slobodan Milosevic spent his last days before the arrest there, and today the Villa “Mir” is used to receive and accommodate the highest foreign officials during their visit to Serbia.

“Tito’s closest associates made a proposal to make a separate villa where Tito could spend his old days. Unfortunately, he did not get to move in it,” said the curator Sandra Vesic Tesla.



The lifelong president of the former SFRY observed works on the villa but, as his health deteriorated, he ended up in the hospital where he died very soon, and he did not spend his days in this luxurious building.

On the first floor, in the middle, there is a room equipped with modern furniture in pastel colors, where are usually accommodated delegations during the meetings.

On the second floor are suites the Prezident 1, which is the most luxurious one, and Prezident 2. They are equipped with modern furniture in gray tones, and they include a telescope that allows guests to take a look at the city.

There is a luxury swimming pool as well as a sauna in the area beneath the ground level, where guests of the highest rank can enjoy. In the extension is a vault with gifts that Josip Broz Tito received during his mandate from statesmen all around the world.




Shortly after Tito’s death, the villa was adapted into a museum space, with the intention to preserve the name and character of Tito. The Memorial Center “Josip Broz Tito” was established with the same goal in 1982, by the decision of the SFRY Assembly, which has the duty to establish a new institution with the aim “to preserve all objects related to the life and work of Tito”.

“In this room are tools and scrapings where Tito used to make small things like pencils, a photography laboratory, which was also Tito’s great passion, as well as a billiard that still stands in the same place. At this place, Tito started his working day with the morning newspaper and the first coffee,” stated curator Sandra Vesic Tesla about the famous billiard room within the villa.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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