Visitors to Rostovo Ski Center angry after New Owner from Qatar bought it


The Rostovo Ski Center, a central Bosnian tourist center located between Novi Travnik and Bugojno, has recently been taken over by a new owner from Qatar. Earlier, it was explained from Rostovo Ski Center that the new owners have taken the center and forbade alcohol, after which many guests canceled their reservations.

“There was no organized New Year’s Eve party as well,” was stated from Rostovo Ski Center to Hayat. By the way, the new owner completed the takeover of the ski center in November.

The ski slopes are open to visitors and there is plenty of snow even though the space itself is currently in the process of being taken over so it is not fully prepared for this season.

Still, the snow did not attract the expected number of guests. This sports and recreation center, which opened in 1984 for the Winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo, houses the Rostovo Hotel and the Babici Ethno Village.

The Sports Recreation center “Rostovo” was opened in 1984 for the needs of the Winter Olympics in Sarajevo and is located at 1160 meters above sea level. After the Onlympics, it was used mainly as a winter retreat and recreation center for various athletes and sports clubs.

The center was renovated in 2006 and began operating solely during the winter period. In 2008 it enriched sports and recreation services to offer a hiking trail, biking trail (mountain bikes can be rented at the hotel), and horseback riding. Outside of the hotel, there are tennis courts which are covered and heated during the winter for guests to enjoy. For sports teams and individual groups, they offer the sports hall which is heated during the winter for indoor soccer, basketball, volleyball, and handball.



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