From Vrelo Bosne to Trebevic: Take a look at Recordings of Sarajevo from 1986 (VIDEO)

roni in sarajevoVideo from 1986 under the name “Little Roni in Sarajevo” is a documentary that was recorded by 8-millimeter camera and it shows the journey of the boy Roni through Sarajevo, the capital city of BiH.

Take a look at this authentic recordings from Vrelo Bosne to Trebevic, which takes us back to some happier times.

In the video, Roni took a ride in a carriage and rides a horse on the alley of Vrelo Bosne, then there are scenes from the tram station in Ilidza, recordings of Ali Pasha’s Mosque, Goat’s Bridge, the railway station in Bistrik, a ride with the cable car to Trebevic and many more…

Take a look at the video.

(Source: hayat.ba)

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