Wagner: Embassy Supports German Firms Investing in BiH

In the development of political cooperation through the organization Society for International Cooperation (GIZ), Germany support many institutions in the economic development of BiH, and in this way will contribute to improving conditions for investment, said Jens Wagner, the Spokesperson of the German Embassy in BiH for FENA.

As he pointed out, the German Embassy supports German firms and informs them of the situation in BiH, and in particular helps them with investment projects.

Wagner said that there is interest and plans for many German firms in BiH, which was demonstrated for several years. German firms are mostly interested in the energy sector.

‘’The Delegation of the German Economy in Sarajevo is the first contact partner for entrepreneurs from BiH and are available when there is an option to enter into a business agreement with Germany, as well as the Association for the promotion of German-Bosnian economic relations. The Embassy can also always be contacted’’, said Wagner, among other things.

Foreign trade between BiH and German is constantly growing and German is among the leading foreign trade partners of BiH.

BiH exports to Germany mainly a diverse range of products in the metal, furniture and mining sector, while it imports from Germany machines and automobiles.

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