”We are entering another crisis period”

The discussion on remaining points on the agenda of the 23rd session of the House of Peoples of the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina were finalized yesterday. The Report on financial revision of the report of the execution of budget was implemented.

The Commissioners, Mladen Ivanić and Halid Genjac discussed this point of the agenda and had several objections to the report and the process of spending the budget resources.

Genjac emphasized that a lot of resources were spent on the football representation, purchase of cars, telephone bills and on big credit loans. Mladen Ivanić added how it is very hard to discuss the report of the budget, when the revision of the budget already asserted to its present irregularities.

” We are facing a very hard period and we have to stop taking loans, because the payment of the external debt is the biggest expenditure in Bosnia and Herzegovina”. – said Ivanić


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