What is the Decision of the Court of B&H on the Suspects for war Crimes

Court of B&H Released Suspects faktor.baThe Court of B&H did not order custody for six persons suspected of war crimes who were arrested by SIPA on November 18.

After the Prosecutor’s Office of B&H was informed about the Court of B&H rejecting the proposal of the prosecution and defining restrictive measures for all six suspects, the acting prosecutor will appeal and request the custody to be ordered for all suspected persons.

Ordering custody is requested due to current search for remains of the victims, the fact that some suspects have Serbian citizenship, due to their high level of responsibility and the fact that one suspect is on the run.

As a reminder, arrested were:

Slobodan Župljanin aka Bebac, born on Nov 17, 1957 in Maslovare, Kotor Varoš,

Boško Peulić, born on Jan 1, 1947 in Donji Vijčani, Prnjavor,

Aleksandar Petrović aka Saša, born on Dec 28, 1970 in Kotor Varoš,

Manojlo Tepić aka Mane, born on May 16, 1960 in Postolje, Kotor Varoš,

Janko Trivić, born on Jun 4, 1949 in Jošavka, Čelinac, and

Nedeljko Đekanović, born on Nov 15, 1958 in Grabovica, Kotor Varoš

These suspects are under investigation for committed war crimes against the victims of Bosniak and Croat nationality in the area of Kotor Varoš during 1992 and in later period as well, the Prosecution stated.

(Source: klix.ba)

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