What is the purchase Value of the Cars in the MFA of B&H?

Official Vehicles in B&H nap.baDiplomatic and consular offices and missions of B&H own 80 official vehicles whose year of production ranges from 2000 to 2014. The purchase value of official vehicles is BAM, and the present value is 529.767.18 BAM.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of B&H points out that this state institution owns a total of eight vehicles, whose purchase value amounted to 919.082.04 BAM, and that the current value amounts to 295.635.46 BAM.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of B&H owns eight official vehicles, of which two are freight vehicles of higher medium class and which are used for transportation of diplomatic mail, archives of the diplomatic and consular offices of B&H, informatics equipment and materials.

The remaining six passenger vehicles serve for transportation of delegations in B&H and the world, as well as for other purposes determined by protocols.

The year of production of the vehicles found at the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of B&H ranges from 2007 to 2013.

The MFA B&H added that issuing the order for use and the way of use of official vehicles, as well as the behavior of the drivers of official vehicles, are regulated by the Ordinance on the conditions of procurement and way of using official vehicles in the institutions of B&H, and the Decision on the way of using of the official vehicles of the MFA B&H.

(Source: klix.ba)

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