Increase in the Excise Tax on Fuel by 10 fenings?

Cheaper Fuel avaz.baBy advocating for the increase of excise tax on fuel, the Government of the FB&H actually continues the implementation of the conclusion which the Government in the former convolution reached on April 28th 2014, regarding the increase of excise tax on fuel by 10 fenings.

The Government of FB&H reminds that the conclusion was reached then because the financing model of the highway was drained, although the price of fuel was significantly higher in 2014. Namely, the Motorways of the FB&H depleted the possibilities for credit indebtedness, and therefore a new way of funding must be found.

Nearly 750 million BAM would be collected annually through the fee for the construction of highways from the current 10 to 20 fenings per liter. These means would enable the Motorways of the FB&H to borrow additional 300 million BAM, and these means would be used to continue the construction of highway on the corridor 5C.

“The continuation of the construction of the highway is very important for the total economic growth in the FB&H, as well as for the growth of employment”, stated the Government of the FB&H.


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