Prices are rising again, BiH Authorities without an Answer

Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) are witnessing a rise in prices in stores every day. Practically, as it has been reportedin recent months, everything is getting more expensive, especially food.

Last November

Unpleasant surprises of citizens with prices, but also a situation that is spiraling out of control, are confirmed by the Agency for Statistics of BiH.

According to the Agency’s data published on Friday, the prices of products and services used for personal consumption in BiH, measured by the consumer price index, in November 2021, compared to the previous month, increased by 1.2 percent on average.

Higher prices were recorded in the sections food and non-alcoholic beverages, housing and overheads, furniture and household appliances, healthcare, transport, restaurants

In November, prices of food rose by 1.8 percent. In October, compared to September, food growth was two percent higher.

However, compared to November last year, food growth increased by as much as 8.5 percent last month!

Price creep

Marin Bago from the Consumers’ Association “Futura” reminded that a creeping growth of prices that has been on the scene for the last ten years, which, he pointed out, is most often unjustified. However, as he explained, ten years ago, the consumer basket was a little higher than 1.000 BAM, so the 10 percent price increase was not a blow to the citizens. But, now that the consumer basket is higher than 2.000 BAM, the increase of 10 percent is very noticeable and, as he said, is actually unbearable.

Bago stated that such situations are a red alarm everywhere in the world for government structures, which respond immediately with intervention measures. Unfortunately, in BiH, he noted, that is not the topic.

It is a defeat of economy, politics, and management, simply a defeat of everything, and it must be stated. In fact, it is very frustrating that even today no one talks about any measures, but about war and tensions, which means that prices will rise even more. Economics and biology do not know calendars, and we will see that at the very beginning of next year, ” he told.

Increasing prices

The average price of rice per kilogram, according to the Agency for Statistics, was 3.2 BAM in November, and bread from wheat flour 2.5 BAM per kilogram. On average, we paid 23.5 BAM for a kilogram of butter last month, 14.7 BAM for boneless beef, 1.4 BAM for a liter of milk in a tetra pack, and 1.5 BAM for a kilogram of sugar.

When it comes to fruit, the average price of bananas per kilogram was 2.2 BAM, apples 1.7 BAM, and as for vegetables – a kilogram of beans cost an average of 5.3 BAM, potatoes 1.3 BAM, and onions 1.4 BAM. The average price of ground coffee per kilogram was 15  BAM and honey 18.4 BAM.



Source: Avaz

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