What will happen with the sale of the Mostar Tobacco Factory?

What will happen with the sale of the Mostar Tobacco Factory (FDM), one of the four oldest companies in BiH and in which the Federal Government has 67 percent of the state capital.

That means there is no end to the agony of 130 workers who have been waiting for more than a decade to resolve their status, Avaz writes.

Public auction

They pinned all their hopes on the sale of the company’s complex, a real estate that covers an area of ​​19.903 square meters, and which was held more than a month ago through a public auction in the Municipal Court in Mostar.

However, they are actually witnessing the same scenario as in 2019, when, after the then auction and the withdrawal of the first and secondranked bidder, a story was spread that FDM real estate, valued at 21 million BAM, would be bought by Mirsad Rahimic, a Mostar entrepreneur based in Switzerland, for 3.5 million BAM.

Why Rahimic gave up was never clarified to the public and workers, just as there is no information about why Ibrahim Jasim Abdullah Ibrahim Alhuvai from Dubai did not pay the six million BAM he offered on March 22nd within the given deadline.

Even though he submitted an excerpt from the register to the Municipal Court within the set deadline of three days, he did not pay the money. In the meantime, it was confirmed from the law office representing the workers, that the second-ranked bidder “Komochem” d.o.o. from Visoko, who offered 5.5 million BAMgave up.

On April 27th, the court announced the conclusion on the sale of real estate of FDM to the third bidder “Mikra-Matic” from Siroki Brijeg, who offered the amount of five million and 10.000 BAM, which should be paid within 30 days,” it was explainedfrom the Court.

What will the workers do?

It is interesting that Rahimic participated in the auction this time as well, but, as it was confirmed, he also gave up, as the fifth on the ranking list, with an offer of 4.8 million BAM.

The workers of this long-failed company are represented in the collection process with 40 percent, and the rest is mostly related to the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) Tax Administration.

There is no sign of bankruptcy

To recall, workers in late October 2013, after seven failed calls to sell 67 percent of the state capital, launched a process of selling movable and immovable property, when all the machines used in the production process were left in the hands of J.T.N. “Tabacco” for a miserable 1.1 million.

Exactly one year ago, the Government of FBiH made a decision to initiate the bankruptcy of FDM, but there is no trace of that procedure.


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