When to expect to arrive from Sarajevo to Mostar in Half an Hour?

Highway Sarajevo-Mostar bh-index.comOnce the highway sections Tarcin – Konjic, Konjic – Jablanica, and Jablanica – Mostar are completed, it will take around 45 minutes to drive from Sarajevo to Mostar.

The sections Butila – Vlakovo and Vlakovo – Tarcin are already constructed, and hopefully other sections will be constructed soon in order to facilitate traveling through B&H.

The first conceptual design with which the construction of a highway through B&H was planned also included a section from Sarajevo to Mostar, and it was popularly known as “darkness-air” (‘mrak-zrak’), due to a large number of tunnels and viaducts that are to be built at this section. The project was created in 1980, but unfortunately it failed to take hold in the former country.

Thereby, the length of the highway from Sarajevo to Mostar will amount to 90 km, and given the 130 kmph speed limit on the highway, it is easily concluded that it will take between 45 minutes and an hour of drive to get from Sarajevo to Mostar.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba/ photo bhindex)

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