Which former Giant is selling Assets for 96 Million BAM?



Bankruptcy trustee of ‘’Hidrogradnja’’ has announced a public call for sale of the assets of this former construction giant.

All assets and rights of the debtor in the country and abroad, which are sold as a whole, represent the sale subject.

The starting price is about 96 million BAM and if there are interested buyers, the sale will be made on December 16that noon.

The property includes the facility in Brijesce, quarry in Hadzici, the Greben Kakanj quarry, Sigma Sarajevo, PJ Libija, all rights in other legal entities, movable assets as well as other rights owned by ‘’Hidrogradnja’’ in the country and abroad.

This is the second public call for sale of ‘’Hidrogradnja’’ assets. The first attempt to sell it at the mentioned price failed because no one submitted an offer.

‘’Nobody wants to buy assets because apparently this price is too high. The tender was taken over by two companies, one from Australia and the other from the Brcko District, but no offers were submitted,’’ said Zijad Fazlagic, the bankruptcy trustee of ‘’Hidrogradnja’’, portal reports.

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