Great Spending of Authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Alcohol, Aircraft Modifications and more



‘’There is a budget reserve for covering of emergency and unforeseen expenses, but officials of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) spend that money on alcohol, meat and the ‘’modification’’ of a luxury airplane,’’ Voice of America reports.

Investigative reporters from the Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR) documented that nearly 184 million BAM has been spent in the last five years.

Officials of the Croatian Democratic Union of BiH (Bosnian: HDZ) approved the purchase of 720 liters of beer during the ‘’sports party’’ of the young members of this Union. Mirko Sarovic spent three thousand BAM on a lamb roasting competition.

Republika Srpska (RS) government marked higher costs than meat and alcohol: In 2017, they spent 300 thousand BAM on airplane maintenance used by Milorad Dodik. That same year, they gave over 198 thousand BAM for the ’modification of that airplane.’

The government of the Bosnian-Podrinje Canton gave the money to the competitors of music competitions ‘’Zvezde Granda’’ and ‘’Zvijezda mozes biti ti’’. There are no sanctions because politicians have not created clear regulations for the spending of these funds.

Only one Canton did not spend money from their budget reserve, and that is the Zenica-Doboj Canton.

While Herzegovina experiences wildfires, politicians hope that Croatian Canadairs will assist. When the RS is underwater, politicians set up a ‘’solidarity fund’’ for citizens, who then have to spend additional reconstruction costs.

‘’In the meantime, the money is spent on political parties and the luxury life of politicians,’’ as Voice of America states,’’ radiosarajevo.ba portal reports.

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