Who is the most prominent Benefactor in 2015?

13081706_1164018380315783_149802601_nReis ul-Ulema of the Islamic Community in BiH Husein Effendi Kavazović yesterday officially opened the event Waqf Days 2016 in the Gazi Husrev-Bey’s Library in Sarajevo.

Kavazović reminded that waqfs are durable goods that the Waqf Directorate of BiH strives to preserve and upgrade, with the help of friends-benefactors from BiH, Turkey, Kuwait, Qatar, who support the reconstruction of demolished religious and cultural-historical facilities.

On behalf of the Waqf Directorate of the Islamic Community in BiH, the attendees were addressed by the Director of this institution, Dr. Senad Zaimović, who pointed to the significance of waqfs, as well as the event Waqf Days.

“BiH owes its civilizational progress to waqfs, and waqf is an institution of general benefit for wider social community, that makes people’s lives better and more humane,” said Zaimović yesterday and announced today’s opening of the Parents’ House in Sarajevo, in whose construction the Waqf Directorate of BiH also participated.

With the help of its friends, the Waqf Directorate is implementing several projects such as the reconstruction of the Aladža Mosque in Foča, the Dervish Hanuma’s Madrasah in Bosanska Gradiška, the Sinan-Bey’s Mosque in Čajniče, Students’ Home of the Faculty of Islamic Sciences in Sarajevo, the Baščaršija Mosque in Sarajevo, the Šarena Mosque in Travnik and others.

The most prominent benefactor in 2015 is Fatima hanuma Dedić from Bihać, to whom Kavazović handed over a plaque with the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH saying: “After the death of a man, his traces are disappearing in this world except in three cases: if he leaves waqf-durable goods, if he leaves knowledge that others will use, and if he leaves a brought up child who will pray for him”.

Opening ceremony of the Waqf Days 2016 was attended by muftis, main imams, eminent guests from Kuwait, the Great Waqf Muhammad Salih Al Hanna, Director General of the General Waqf Directorate of Turkey Dr. Adnan Ertem, the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to BiH Seyed Hossein Rajabi, and others.

The event lasts until May 6.

(Source: klix.ba)

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