Why did Milorad Dodik report to the Prosecutor’s Office and is he preparing for the End of his Political Career?

Milorad Dodik (SNSD), a member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) from the Republika Srpska (RS), saidfor himself that he is a record holder in the number of criminal charges filed against him. One of the last ones was filled by him because of the denial of genocide.

Obviously, the move to report himself to the prosecution for denying genocide is a tactical game that Dodik insists on and defies in order to prove to his constituents that he does not change his mind about the Srebrenica genocide and send a message not to fear sanctions.

It should be mentioned that Dodik called on his voters to also report to the prosecutor’s office, but it is difficult to expect that a larger number listened to him. Also, the silence after the big announcement of the famous petition that was launched in RS with the aim of denying genocide clearly shows that Dodik experienced a fiasco.

He said on Thursday that he had received a summons to the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH for denying genocide. Although it is not known exactly how the charges against Dodik were formulated, or whether he will respond to the summons, or seek and provoke some kind of forced bringing to the hearing, the fact is that Dodik persists in his policy.

Dodik has made some of the most brutal statements aimed at denying genocide, the suffering of Bosniaks, and the war in general in the past two months. Besides that, he manifests political aggression by denying the High Representative, refusing to come to a meeting with him, and passing a law in the RS National Assembly refusing to apply Inzko’s law. Dodik is in open conflict with the international community, especially when it comes to the United States (U.S.) Embassy, but also Brussels, Berlin, and Western countries in general.

His behavior after Inzko passed the amendments to the Criminal Code shows the most how nervous he is and how much he may have seen the exit door of his political career. However, Dodik’s character and aspiration for domination do not allow him to withdraw from the political race peacefully, by losing the elections or similar. Even though several prosecutorial cases were opened against him, none resulted in a specific sanction.

However, Dodik’s provocations of the international community and the continued denial of genocide hint that Dodik would be more willing to leave the political scene by force, whether by dismissal or arrest and prosecution, than in the elections. If he gets arrested or dismissed, Dodik would continue to build the myth of himself as a Serbian political hero who opposed the international community. In that way, he would probably be remembered more as someone who “fell” because of some national-political story and not because of crime, which does not suit him at all, Klix.ba writes.


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