Why has the Dodik’s Best Man Mile Radišić surrendered?

Mile Radišić Surrendered slobodna-bosna.baOwner of the company Grand Trade Mile Radišić, who was sentenced to three years in prison and on the run in Serbia, reported to serve his prison sentence in the penitentiary Tunjice.

Radišić was sentenced to three years in prison for fraud with the shares of Medicinska elektronika Banja Luka.

The District Court Banja Luka found Mile Radišić guilty of abuse of official position or authority in incitement and crime of manipulating prices and the dissemination of false information, thereby damaging Republika Srpska by 1,143,187 BAM.

Radišić was sentenced to a compound sentence of prison in the length of three years.

So far, Radišić has invested nearly 70 million BAM in the construction of a business and residential facility in Picin park, Banja Luka. All that money was obtained from credit loans, and domestic banks borrowed 17 million BAM to the Grand Trade. The remaining 53 million BAM have an unknown origin.

Recently an audio recording was published, on which Radišić explains how the corruption system in Republika Srpska works and how the Minister of Finance Zoran Telgetija and a mogul close to him Mladem Milanović Kaja intend to buy Nova banka.

It is still not known how Radišić entered Republika Srpska, passed the border control, and reached Tunjice.

(Source: klix.ba)

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