Vaccines in Prijedor stored in the wrong Freezer, 1.300 Doses were wasted

Branislav Zeljkovic, the director of the Institute for Public Health of the Republika Srpska (RS), stated that the Prijedor Health Center did not store the coronavirus vaccines in the refrigerator provided by the Institute, but in its freezer.

Speaking about the waste of 1.300 doses of coronavirus vaccines in the Prijedor Health Center, because there was a power outage and a cold chain break, Zeljkovic said that additional information is needed about what exactly happened and in what way.

Zeljkovic told that employees in RS health centers had training related to the vaccine process, which was organized by the Institute.

“The treatment of the cold chain is known to all health workers who deal with this issue. In this case, it is hard to say why this situation occurred, it will be determined primarily by the Prijedor Health Center based on the reports of those who worked on the cold chain,” Zeljkovic said.

He noted that from the moment the vaccines arrive in health institutions, they represent the responsibility of that institution.

“The institute coordinates the way of delivery and storage of vaccines, we are present during that process in an advisory manner, but there must be a basic dose of discipline and responsibility when we talk about such a sensitive matter, such as vaccines,” noted Zeljkovic.

To recall, there are 55 health centers in the RS, and Zeljkovic states that the Institute cannot monitor the condition of the cold chain in each of these institutions at all times.

“Responsibility for the cold chain lasts 24 hours a day and does not end with the end of working hours,” Zeljkovic concluded, Klix.ba writes.


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