WikiLeaks: What is written about BiH and Sarajevo in hacked Mails of SONY

wikileaks mailsThree days ago, WikiLeaks released thousands of documents and e-mails which they reached after the company Sony has been hacked last year. Our country is mentioned as well in the published content.

Among more than 170.000 e-mails, there are ones of the author Jennifer Rawlings who filmed a documentary in 2008 that investigates lives of several women that survived the war in BiH. Author of the movie “Forgotten voices: Women in Bosnia“, has frequently been visiting war zones, including BiH after the war.

Her e-mails sent to Amy Pascal were published on WikiLeaks. It can be assumed that it is about Amy Pascal, one of the most important people in Sony Pictures Entertainment, who supervised the production and distribution of many movies and  TV programs.

In mails, Rawlings ask from Pascal to support her movie, and also asked for donation for Women’s eNews organization.

“I came to Sarajevo nine years after the war officially ended. The first night n Sarajevo I met Alden and Azra. After he heard for movie I am making, Alden invited friends and asked them to come to the restaurant where we were to meet. Soon after that, I had more than enough women that I needed for filming. On the other hand, Azra offered me to translate what women who do not speak English are saying, and also enabled me to wash my  laundry at her house“, stated she.

Rawlings has met other people in Sarajevo among many, she met Fahreta.

“Fahreta invited me to her house at a lunch, and also gave me a lamp which I still have. Total strangers in a foreign country helped me to realize my dreams“, stated Rawlings in a mail.

(Source: faktor.ba)




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