How will the BiH Presidency spend around 2 Million BAM in 2018?

The Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has announced the Public Procurement Plan for 2018, as it was found out.

The value of public procurement, according to the needs of the BiH Presidency, is estimated at 1.786.270.00 BAM , for various goods 515.300.00 BAM, and for services 1.270.970.00 BAM. This year’s value of planned procurement is somewhat lower than in 2017, when it was planned amount of 2.352.580.00 BAM.

However, the announced plan does not predict capital investment expenditures and will not be realized until it is approved by the Law on the Budget of the Institutions of BiH and international obligations of BiH for 2018.

Thus, for the services of selling air tickets and organizing official travels, 227.000 BAM will be allocated, for fixed and mobile telephony services there will be 55.000 or 90.000 BAM.

For the procurement of fuel, lubricants, petroleum products in Banja Luka and Istocno Sarajevo, it is planned to spend 37.000 BAM, for the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, slightly higher amount of 74.100 BAM is planned, while in Sarajevo 80.400 BAM will be spent.

The Presidency does not plan to buy new cars this year, but 40.000 BAM is planned for the repair and servicing of the motor vehicles.

There are also several items on the list which are measured by hundreds of BAM.

At the link, you can see the complete public procurement plan.


(Source: Akta.ba)

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