What will the Parks in Novo Sarajevo Municipality look like in the Future?

b_161014070The Municipality of Novo Sarajevo offered a conceptual design of theme parks in the Envera Šehovića Street, at the territory of the local community Malta.

Project documentation is being made by the company Pro-dom from Sarajevo, with whom the Municipality of Novo Sarajevo signed a contract for the making of project documentation. Contractual value of the project is 9.248,85 BAM.

Project documentation includes three conceptual designs for three theme parks. The designs were presented in August and the Local Community Council chose one solution for each park.

The parks are thematically based on age and specific characteristics of users for whom they are intended as following:

-playground for children from the age of three with cycling trail around the playground

-playground for children with developmental disabilities

-fitness park for children older than the age of six and adults, with cycling trail around the playground.

Each of the three playgrounds has the surface area of nearly 2.000 square meters, which makes 6.000 square meters in total.

(Source: klix.ba)

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