Will the Miners in the Federation of BiH hold Protests

In seven mines in the concern of Elektroprivreda Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), from December 1st this year, the application of new regulations on work and performance should begin, which, as the workers claim, are to their detriment. Due to the drastic reduction of salaries and worse working conditions, they are announcing a revolt.

The Independent Trade Union of Miners of the Federation of BiH (FBiH) held a meeting on Monday, and on that occasion analyzed the current situation in which the mines of the concern Elektroprivreda BiH are currently, with special emphasis on the possible application of the new rules of procedure and regulations on performance.

The Union stated that the mentioned documents could come into force on December 1st this year, and they were created unilaterally in Elektroprivreda BiH, with the support of the Federal Government, without the participation of miners. As they stressed, this time as well, there was no social dialogue, which violated the agreement from May this year.

Due to the current situation, the Independent Trade Union of Mines in the FBiH sent a letter to the Director of Elektroprivreda BiH Admir Andelija, Federal Prime Minister Fadil Novalic, and Minister of Industry, Energy,and Mining of FBiH Nermin Djindic, with a serious warning.

Namely, the new regulations are unacceptable for the unions of mine workers in the Kreka, Kakanj, Breza, Zenica, Djurdjevik, Abid Lolic, and Gracanica, from which they claim that Elektroprivreda BiH, in creating new documents, violated the signed agreement of May 19th this year where it was stated that the drafting of the rulebook will be done in cooperation with the FBiH Mine Workers’ Union.

As Zuhdija Tokic, president of the Kreka Coal Mine Trade Union in Tuzla said, according to the new regulations, the basic salary of miners is reduced by at least 30 percent, based on the reduction of existing coefficients.

In the end, the miners noted to the authorities to close themines if they are not needed to the energy sector in BiH, but that they will have to bear responsibility for all that. The severity of the problem is further increased by the constant increase in prices in BiH, which the miners, as they say, feel very much.



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