Will those who were in Isolation in Bosnia get 100 BAM each?

Edita Velic from Democratic Front (DF), the politician from Gorazde, in Assembly of Bosnian-Podrinje Canton (BPC) submitted an amendment to the budget proposal of this canton for this year, in order to provide funds for the citizens of this canton who have so far had a decision on placement under health surveillance.

In this way, as she believes, everyone who was in isolation would be given the opportunity to at least partially refund the costs of isolation, Klix.ba writes.

“I owe this to everyone who was in isolation because no one chose to get the coronavirus and be in isolation. When environmental associations can receive more than 50 thousand for cleaning actions, I think that, with due respect, the topic of the amendment is a lot more important than e-Government “, Velic notes.

When asked how feasible this initiative is and how much money those who were in isolation should receive, if the proposal is adopted, Velic explains that 20.000 BAM was planned in the Government code according to the budget proposal.

“I proposed another 80.000 BAM to round up that amount to 100.000 BAM, because so far about 1.044 people have been under health surveillance due to the coronavirus, and I thought that the costs of isolation should be reimbursed to people who would respond to the public call. The amount would be a symbolic 100 BAM per person “, told Velic.

She reminds that they used to have a similar thing for pensioners and they were awarded 50 BAM each.

“As my amendment was not adopted, with the Prime Minister’s explanation that such activities have not been started by other cantons either, I will send the law proposal that will regulate this area and request redistribution of funds to this code, which remains 20.000 BAM, and also insist on adopting a law on mitigating negative consequences of pandemics for individuals, ” she explained.

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