Number of global new Cases reported continues to fall

The number of global new cases reported continues to fall for the sixth consecutive week, with 2.4 million new cases last week, an 11% decline compared to the previous week . The number of new deaths also continues to fall for the previous three weeks, with nearly 66 000 new deaths reported last week, a 20% decline as compared to the previous week. This brings the global cumulative numbers to 110.7 million cases and over 2.4 million deaths since the start of the pandemic.

Europe accounts for more than 41% of the COVID-19 daily tally (176,512 cases). Next are North and South America (173,654 cases), and Eastern Mediterranean (31,081 cases).

The biggest number of coronavirus cases was reported from the United States (27,955,338), India (11,046,914), Brazil (10,257,875), Russia (4,212,100), the United Kingdom (4,144,581), France (3,597,495), Spain (3,170,644), Italy (2,848,564), Turkey (2,665,194), Germany (2,414,687), Colombia (2,233,589), and Argentina (2,080,824), TASS writes.

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