How will the World look like in 500 years?

worldPopular American astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson revealed how the world might look like in 500 years to the magazine Business Insider.

“If the population continues to grow in the rate as it does now, in 500 years on the Earth will be just as much place so that everyone can stand next to each other. This, obviously, is not the future we want, which means that we will have to terraform Mars and move there, or learn how to control population growth,” said Tyson.

He also explained what can happen to mankind if we start building and inhabiting taller building structures, as well as those that are going deep below the surface of the soil. These two types of structures would intersect, rather vertically than horizontally.

“If some major changes do not happen until then, and we do not realize that,  we have a chance to survive thanks to technology, we will not see that day,” warned this scientist.

“On my deathbed, I will regret the fact that I have not lived long enough to see all those inventions that are yet to come. I love that I can experiment and be a part of the genius human race,” he concluded.

(Source: N1)

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