Winter Schedule of Wizzair Flights

wizz_plane-1The winter timetable of Wizzair flights from the airport “Tuzla”, depending on the line, starts late October or early November. For travelers who intend to use the line Malmo-Tuzla- Malmo in the period NovemberMarch, it is useful to know that on Mondays and Fridays there are flights while the line will be canceled on Wednesdays after 23rd October.

There are exceptions due to New Year holidays, so on Wednesdays 18th December, 1st and 8th January flights are planned.

There are no other changes for other lines. Flights for Basel will be on Tuesdays and Saturdays and to Gothenburg on Mondays and Fridays.

Wizzair is the period JuneAugust conducted a total of 164 flights and transported 25.096 passengers, around 152 passengers per flight.

(Source: Tuzlarije.net)

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