Women are implementing new Practices in Agriculture

The fact that educated and young women in agriculture represent the main driver of development and innovation in this field in BiH is proven once again by the latest data on their increasing involvement. There are numerous opportunities for their progress.

Natasa Trninic completed her practice back in November last year at the Center for Economic and Rural Development in Laktasi. The CERD Laktasi implements series of activities for education and involvement of young people in agriculture in cooperation with USAID / Sweden FARM 2 Project, and Natasa got the opportunity for her first work experience through this project.

“I had the opportunity to get to know the technology of production, processing and packaging of medicinal herbs during my practice in the company “Prirodno bilje” Ltd.

Vedrana Matarugic is an absolvent at the Faculty of Agriculture in Banja Luka. She had the opportunity to work in the nursery garden Vidovic in Nova Topola through this program. She said that her practice was a very positive experience, and that it is very important to give the opportunity to students to work in sectors in which they are planning to develop their future career.

“Many people are not aware of all the opportunities that are offered out there. I had the opportunity to work on planting peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, and I also worked on the production of seedlings of other cultures. After that, we conducted constant surveillance process and implemented regular agro-technical measures in order to place our products on the market in the required quality. I believe that this experience will make it easier for me to find a job one day, because now, besides the theoretical knowledge acquired during my studies at the faculty, I have the skills in production that I learned through practical work with great experts. To summarize, this was all a great experience for me,” said Vedrana.

Vedrana and the new generation of students in the final years of agriculture will face all the challenges hat refer to finding a job after graduation.  The good news is that farmers all over our country are looking for well-trained and educated people who are ready to work on the field and who are willing to gain some valuable experience.




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