Workers from BiH building an Airport in Munich

airport MunichCurrently, 15 BH workers are performing works at the airport in Munich. Among them are two engineers. Bosnian language is being spoken at the construction site. Experts from BiH want to stay in Germany.

“Company MMC is performing installation works of heating, cooling and ventilation systems. We are at the German market or eight years and until now, we worked on objects of ADAC in Munich, RLT television in Koln, headquarters of Audi, Sky Tower in Munich and many other where we gained good references based on which we got this complex task as well“, emphasized Nedzad Islamagic, coordinator at the construction site in Munich.

All of them are in Germany thanks to detachment, i.e. the fact tha the company that engaged them although its headquarter is in Sarajevo, has its branch in Germany.

“We are currently installing here 7-8 different systems of heating, cooling and ventilation. It is a complex endeavor. There will also be premises for acclimatization of passengers from the Middle East and African countries. Five workers-assemblers from BiH will join us in April“, emphasized Islamagic.

If the business of this company, whose owner and director is Nihad Islamagic, is developed and progressed as now, it will, at the same time, be an opportunity for numerous other, before all workers, but also experts from BiH, to come to this western European country and get a chance to be adequatly paid for their work.




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