Workers of ZOI’84 Continue to Strike

UPOSLENICI ZOI '84 11 MJESECI BEZ PLAÆEWorkers of the Cantonal Public Company ZOI ’84 were supposed to receive two salaries, however that did not happen and general strike continued, President of Union of ZOI ’84 Alija Hodžić said to FENA.


He emphasized that newly appointed acting director of the company Džavid Kurtišaj promised on Monday that two out of ten unpaid salaries will be paid by Friday, which the workers agreed to.


”We trusted him and there were some indications but we were deceived again”, emphasized Hodžić.


He said the Strike Committee will decide on further activities of the strike.


Workers of company ZOI ’84 entered general strike over a month ago and they announced strike will not be terminated until they receive two salaries.


(Source: Fena)

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