Yellow Alert issued because of Cold Weather


A yellow alert due to low air temperatures has been issued for the areas of Foca and Visegrad.

The warning is effective until midnight, with a minimum temperature expected of around and below minus five in the mountains.

The Federal Meteorological Institute of Bosnia-Herzegovina announced that the air temperatures at 7am were the following:  at Bjelasnica minus eight, Ivan Sedlo zero, in Bihac, Drvar, Sanski Most two, Sarajevo three, Livno and Zenica four, Gradacac, Siroki Brijeg and Tuzla five, Stolac six, Grude eight, Neum nine and Mostar 10 degrees.

Today, moderate to mostly cloudy weather will prevail in Bosnia. During the day, occasional light rain can occur in central Bosnia. In Herzegovina, it will be sunny with light to moderate clouds. Daily temperatures will prevail from two to eight, in the south from seven to 12 degrees Celsius.

Mostly cloudy weather in Sarajevo, with rain in higher areas occasionally during the day and daily temperature around 5 degrees Celsius.

On Friday, mostly cloudy weather with light rain, and in higher areas with light sleet or snow. Morning temperature from minus four to two, in the south from one to six, and the highest daily from two to eight, in the south from seven to 10 degrees.

On Saturday, mostly cloudy in Bosnia and mostly sunny in Herzegovina. Morning temperature from minus three to three, in the south from three to seven, and the highest daily from zero to six, in the south from seven to 10 degrees, Vijesti.ba news portal reports.



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