Yellow Alert issued for most Area of Bosnia-Herzegovina


A yellow alert for low temperatures has been issued for most areas in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The yellow meteoalarm was issued for the areas of Foca, Mostar, Trebinje, Visegrad, Bihac, Livno, Sarajevo and Tuzla.

The minimum air temperature is expected to be up to minus ten degrees. This morning is mostly cloudy in the central and eastern regions of the country.

In the rest of the country there is a small to moderate cloudiness.

The air temperature measured at 7am on Bjelasnica Mountain was minus 15, while the warmest was in Stolac four degrees Celsius.

This afternoon, more cloudiness in the central and eastern regions is expected. Mostly clear in the rest of the country. The wind in Bosnia is weak in the north and northwest. Moderately severe storms in Herzegovina.  The highest daily air temperature will be generally between minus one and four degrees, up to eight in the south.


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