Young BiH karatekas won 9 golden medals at Balkanijada

Young BiH karatekas won 47 medals (9 golden, 13 silver and 25 bronze medals) at the 13th Balkans Competition for Children, Cadets, Juniors and Younger Seniors (U-21), which was held last weekend in Kragujevac, reports FENA.

Golden medals in the category of children from 11 to 14 went to Ajdin Čehić, Ivan Vukoja, Nedim Bektaš, Milan Tomić and Iman Begić. In the category of cadets golden medals went to Vedad Ćapin and Anes Čongo, in the category of juniors to Ervin Galić and in the category of younger seniors to Suad Tabaković.

BiH won the fourth place in the overall ranking, after Turkey, Serbia and Macedonia.

At the competition, more than 1600 competitors from 14 countries participated, among them were guests from Croatia, Hungary and Austria, and 217 were from BiH.

Next competition will be held in Montenegro in 2014.


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