Zdravko Mamic officially requested that he serves a 6.5 Years in Prison Sentence in BiH

Zdravko Mamic officially asked the Osijek County Court to initiate proceedings and conduct actions for serving a 6.5 Years in prison sentence in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

According to Index, Mamic’s legal team referred to the Agreement between the two countries, citizenship and residence in BiH, as well as Zdravko Mamic’s desire to serve his sentence in BiH. As they say, this will not jeopardize the purpose of punishment and they ask the court to send the application to the Ministry of Justice of Croatia for a decision.

Otherwise, the Osijek County Court, according to the regular procedure, called on Zdravko Mamic to report to the judge on April 30th, who should set a date for him to report to prison.

At the same time, his brother Zoran also demanded that he serves his prison sentence in BiH. The judge forwarded his request to the Ministry of Justice with a letter in which she gave a negative opinion on this request.

He was ordered to report to Zagreb’s prison Remetinec on May 10th, to which his defense announced an appeal, but if the decision becomes final and Zoran Mamic does not report to prison, a warrant will be issued for his arrest.

To recall, the Osijek Court convicted the Mamic brothers for withdrawing money from the Dinamo football club. Zdravko Mamic was sentenced by the Supreme Court to 6.5 years in prison, and Zoran Mamic’s sentence was reduced to four years and eight months. Both have Croatian and BiH citizenship.

Zdravko Mamic was the first to run away to BiH, followed by his brother Zoran, Klix.ba writes.


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