Zip-line opened on Neretvica River near the City of Konjic (video)

Activists from Konjic, with the aim of arranging the river and the banks of the Neretva, on Sunday officially opened the adrenaline attraction zip-line on this river, all as part of an action to show that the river can be used in a positive way.

The action “15 bathing places instead of 15 small hydroelectric power plants on the river Neretva” was initiated by citizens who are trying to use their money to arrange the shores for swimming and tourism, news portal reports.

They managed to make a zip-line on this river, that is, at the Pasjak beach, and out of 10 planned baths, works on two are already nearing completion.

The goal of this project is to show a smart, beautiful and positive way to exploit the river. What they say with their idea is that the arranged bathing areas and interesting content on the river will serve everyone, while small hydropower plants can only benefit individuals who own them.

Activities on this project started in February this year, for a while the works were stopped and slowed down due to the coronavirus pandemic, but for some time now, residents have been working intensively on the coast, especially motivated by the desire to prevent investors in SHPPs from building.

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