Workshop on Improving of Trade System in BiH held on Bjelasnica

Bjelasnica workshopA two-day workshop “Improvement of the Trade System in FBiH“ was held on Bjelasnica.

The organizer was the Trade Chamber of FBiH, in the cooperation with Cantonal trade chambers an the Croatian Trade Chamber.

Mensur Bektic, president of the Trade Chamber of FBiH, emphasized that the aim of the workshop was to see how to systematic and coordinated to include traders in making crucial decisions on the business of trade in FBiH.

The current minister of the Federal Ministry of Development, Entrepreneurship and Trade, Sanjin Halimovic, emphasized that the Trade Chamber of the Federation of BiH is the key institution when it comes to trade system in BiH, and an inevitable and equal partner of the Federal Ministry of development, entrepreneurship and trade.

The workshop was also attended by the Secretary General of the Croatian Trade Chamber, Violeta Jelic, who presented “good practice of Croatia and the European Union“.

An interesting practices and suggestions for overcoming trade problems have been presented by: Dragica Sabramovic from the Federal Ministry of development, entrepreneurship and trade, Mirza Hujic from the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations, Omer Korjenic from the Federal Institute for employment, Igor Kamocaji, the director of the Institute for employment of Canton Sarajevo, as well as presidents of county trade chambers in BiH, as announced from the Trade Chamber of FBiH.


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