Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s House attacked and his Statue set on Fire


The house of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the Swedish striker, was attacked in Stockholm on Wednesday night.

Police said they came to the scene immediately after the call, adding that a football star’s home in the central part of Stockholm was damaged during the night.

‘’Someone scratched the front door and drenched the fluid. This incident is currently being investigated,’’ police said.

Swedish media report that the vandals may have attacked Ibrahimovic’s house after a famous footballer confirmed that he had acquired a part of Hammarby’s shares, something that fans of Malmo, his former club, did not support.

According to the Swedish ‘’Aftonbladet’’, police still do not suspect anyone of the attack, but they have intensified supervision of Ibrahimovic’s residence.

Besides that, a huge statue built in honor of Ibrahimovic in his hometown of Malmo, unveiled at the beginning of October this year, was also set on fire.

Swedish media report that the statue was probably set on fire by Malmo fans because Ibra bought a part of Hammarby, Malmo’s major rival.

Some Malmo fans posted a video of the burning statue on social media.

Malmo Supporters Club issued a statement saying that they were outraged by Zlatan’s decision to become a co-owner of Hammarby’s shares.

‘’Obviously, Zlatan does not understand how much he means to Malmo. He thinks we will be happy with anything he does, just because he is Zlatan. Well, we won’t. His statue means nothing to us anymore because he wants another club to be better than the one where he developed himself. From now on, he is considered to be just another player who has left the club with compensation of 80.000 crowns,’’ it is said in the statement, portal reports.

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