Zovko: There are Calls for the Suspension of EU Funds for BiH

I expect Mr. Dodik to return to the institutions together with all representatives from the Republika Srpska (RS) and to finally start solving the problems of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) through institutions. For the European Union (EU) sanctions, you need to have the consensus of all member states. Currently, I do not see the mood to do the same thing from the European side, “ said Zeljana Zovko, a member of the European Parliament, emphasizing that there are calls from the Green Party to suspend the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance(IPA) funds for BiH.

Further, when it comes to changes to the BiH Election Law, she reminded that the amendments to the Election Law, in accordance with the verdict of the BiH Constitutional Court and the judgments of international courts, were included in the conclusions of the European Parliament Resolution.

“The European Parliament expects BiH to make changes to the Election Law in order to have legitimate and democratic elections, which should be in line with the decisions of domestic courts. No one should give any consent to make changes to the Election Law. We must expect BiH to make changes to the Election Law if BiH wants the credibility of its elections so that elections could not be called into question,” Zovko told.

As for the High Representative in BiH, Zovko stated she also visited the Security Council, “where we were told by the permanent members of the Security Council that the High Representative did not go through the regular procedure and that a solution will have to be found.”

“I am not responsible for providing solutions. Germany should implement this procedure. I think the High Representative will have to find an agreement with Russia in order to reach a consensus within the Peace Implementation Council (PIC). I expect a solution as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the country is still not completely sovereign, because it has a high representative, and that shows me, after so many years after the Dayton Peace Agreement, how far the country has lagged behind on its European path,” Zovko noted.



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