Zvizdic talks to the Representatives of the German Development Bank in B&H

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The Chairman of the Council of Ministers of B&H Denis Zvizdic hosted on Friday in a farewell visit the Director of the German Development Bank (KfW) in B&H Stephan Leudesdorff, and the newly appointed Director Mathias Schmidt – Rosen in an inaugural visit.

The Chairman Zvizdic thanked Leudesdorff for  good cooperation, and wished a warm welcome to the new director. He introduced the guests to the work priorities of the B&H Council of Ministers  stating that they are the European path, the economy, and the rule of law. He thanked the KfW for help and cooperation.

“Our cooperation, which has been going on for 20 years now and the approximate two hundred million Euros invested in the projects, are a testament to our good cooperation, partnership and commitment of the Federal Republic of Germany to the development of B&H”, said the Chairman Zvizdic during the meeting.

They also exchanged  views on future support and pointed out that such cooperation is of great importance for the socio-economic development of B&H.

The Director Laudesdorff said that, since 2012, the German Development Bank has only been cooperating within the renewable energy sources sector, which classified B&H into the business group B, and following the improvement in the business environment the KfW is ready to provide strong support in order to promote the cooperation into the group A, by which the possibilities to invest in other sectors such as agriculture, tourism, environment, wood, metal industry etc. will be realized. Laudesdorff handed the map of the projects of the KfW in B&H to the Chairman Zvizdic.

The Chairman Zvizdic said that the energy sector is extremely important and that it represents a competitive advantage and the ability for further initiation of investments, but that in the coming period it is also necessary to encourage the development of small and medium-sized enterprises. He introduced the guests to the intention of establishing the fund for economic development that would launch entrepreneurial energy in B&H, and said that he expects the help of the KfW as well.

They agreed that the dynamic development of B&H and the path towards European integrations are a good foundation for the continuation of cooperation, and that the directing of the KfW funds in B&H is compatible with the priorities chosen by the Council of Ministers of B&H in the function of development.

The meeting was also attended by Mirsad Zuga, the Deputy Minister of Finance and Treasury of B&H, as was announced by the Council of Ministers of B&H.

(Source: faktor.ba/ photo rtvusk)

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