Exhibition of the Paintings by the Participants of the International Art Colony in Pocitelj

Art Colony Pocitelj novovrijeme.baThe exhibition of the paintings by a group of authors who have stayed this year at the International Art Colony Pocitelj was held yesterday for the participants of the International  Meeting of Young Creators “City of Art – Pocitelj”.

The colony gathers the artists who socialize, exchange experiences and make contacts in a climate of unusual beauty, magical ambience and extraordinary creative atmosphere

Given that the authors from the entire world come to the Colony every year, this year the authors of the paintings are from Germany, Mexico, Kosova, Slovakia, Macedonia, Turkey, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro, and B&H.

The art historian Tarik Silajdzic said that the word is about 30 larger format paintings that are to be attached to the holdings of the Colony, which has been declared the national treasure.

The mostly used techniques are acrylics and oil on canvas. Silajdzic singled out the painter Samir Sufi from Tuzla, who made four paintings at the Colony, as one of the best.

“All the paintings are in the domain of realistic treatment, like most of the other pictures, but so far his paintings came to the fore the most. What is characteristic for him is that he used newspaper as a background”, Silajdzic explained.

He announced that this exhibition will be held in Sarajevo at the Gallery of Roman Petrovic.

The manager of the Association of Fine Artists of B&H and the head of the International Art Colony Pocitelj Denis Jeina said that this is the 51st year that the artists from around the world are looking for inspiration in the eternal beauty of Pocitelj.

He recalled that the Colony has been devastated during the war, because the minaret of the mined Sisman Ibrahim Pasha’s Mosque fell on the colony and destroyed it. The colony was restored thanks to the Government of the FB&H, and the former president of the Association Mensud Keco returned the saved paintings from Capljina.


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