Summer on Bjelašnica Mountain: Javorov Do as the Picnic Site with artistic Beauty (gallery)

[wzslider autoplay=”true”]The Picnic Site Javorov Do on Bjelašnica Mountain is 25 kilometers away from Sarajevo, and just 2.5 kilometers away from the ski center Bjelašnica (ZOI ’84). It is located at 1300-1345 meters above the sea level, within the natural and landscape values of Bjelašnica Mountain.

The picnic site with its natural beauty and resources is easily accessible, yet far away from air pollution, noise and etc. and provides a variety of opportunities for performing various mountaineering and sports activities, such as: vacation, recreation, walk on the marked mountain trails, caving, hiking, using adrenalin park with the possibility of other sports activities such as volleyball and football.

Javorov Do offers the possibility of organizing cultural events, theater performances, literature and musical promotions, eco-lectures and other presentations and classes within the natural mountain surroundings.

Stone amphitheater as unique in this area can be found on Javorov Do, as well as an artificial lake, deck area with fireplace, tables and benches, a mini playground for sporting activities (volleyball, soccer), stone tower, fountains with natural spring water and walking trails. There is a cave Klokoćevica, only 1, 3 kilometers away from the site, which can be reached by the maintained forest trail.

There are marked hiking trails around 30 kilometers long around the picnic site, which are reaching Bjelašnica, Igman, Treskavica and Hojta.

The stone amphitheater is the most beautiful detail of the picnic site Javorov Do. This artistic masterpiece also represents a first-class cultural attraction in the natural environment, unique in this region. It was built with the aim of preservation and improvement of cultural heritage and traditions. It occupies a central place of picnic site Javorov Do.



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