1.000 Tickets ensured for BH Fans against the Cyprus

BH national teamOur national team will play probably the match of the year and the most important match in Qualifications for EURO 2016 against Cyprus in Nicosia on 13th October 2015.

Even now, there is a great interest of BH fans in the country and abroad, who want to attend this match and help Dragons to achieve a positive result.

After the agreement of the FAB&H and the FA of Cyprus, rules related to the purchase of tickets for the mentioned match were confirmed.

1.000 tickets are reserved for fans of B&H. Price of one ticket is 10 EUR. FA of Cyprus will not sell tickets for fans of B&H, thus the FAB&H is authorized and responsible for this activity as well.

Interested individuals and groups (associations of fans, agencies, companies etc.) can apply for the certain number of tickets, no later than 1st October 2015 at the e-mail

Each individual can apply for up to five tickets, with submitting the photocopy of their ID document (passport) and the list of fans.

Organized group can apply for more than five tickets, but it has to submit the photocopy of the ID document (passport) of the group representative, and the list of all fans/traveler with the birth date, passport number and the place of residence, as well as the way of travelling to Cyprus and the eventual accommodation there.

The competent service of the FAB&H will consider all applications until 3rd October 2015, when it will inform applicants and start the tickets sale.


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