100th Action by BIMA for providing free medical Examinations to Returnees

In the Zvornik returnee settlement Krizevici, a team of doctors from the Bosnian Islamic Medical Association (BIMA)performed free medical examinations for the residents of this and surrounding places, which was the 100th action of providing specialist medical examinations organized by this association.

Several hundred residents of Podrinje were included in free preventive examinations of 68 specialists of the BIMA team, which consisted of internists, pediatricians, radiologists, physiatrists, ophthalmologists, gynecologists, as well as general practitioners.

“This is important as a form of moral and health support, to make them feel better, nicer, and to help them solve some health problems, given that the average age of this population is slightly higher than the national average,” stated Mustafa Muharemovic, President of the Majlis of Islamic Community Zvornik.

Precisely because of the average age, the need to use the health services of these locals is much higher, but examinations can be performed only in Zvornik or Kalesija. The main reason for that is that, although one of the most numerous returnee settlements, Krizevici does not have a local ambulance.

“We need a doctor. This is a local community where there are a lot of children, a lot of returnees who have the documents of the Federation, and by the time we get to the Federation, half of them die on the way, ” said Hajrudin Karabegovic.

“I was examined, I am very satisfied. I just have to talk about this, to brag, wherever I go,” mentioned Sevleta Pargan.

During 23 years of work, the BIMA has carried out many field health care activities for returnees throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). Adapted to the current epidemiological situation, they say, they intend to continue this humane gesture.

“We have adapted to the epidemiological conditions, we have also taken a break for a year due to the epidemiological situation. The work is more difficult now, but that does not mean that it will prevent us from further activities, ” emphasizedHasan Mrkonja, President of the BIMA.

The 100th jubilee action of BIMA was conducted in cooperation with the Office for Social Welfare of the Riyaset of the Islamic Community in BiH, the Majlis of the Islamic Community of Zvornik, the Federal Ministry of Displaced Persons and Refugees, the City of Sarajevo, the Muharem Berbic Foundation, and the humanitarian organization Pomozi.ba.




Source: Federalna

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