Another Success of the domestic MS&Wood Company

elle ms wood cologne fair furnitureDomestic furniture factory MS&Wood increased its operating income to 25.5 million BAM last year. The income of the company has been increased from 20.2 million BAM in 2015, which amounts to 5 million increase, is stated in the company’s financial report.

Out of this, 15.3 million BAM was realized on the foreign market, which is about 2 million BAM more than a year earlier.

The company achieved net profit of 806,000 BAM, which is a significant increase from 184,000 BAM in 2015.

The furniture factory MS&Wood employs more than 200 workers, and furniture manufactured in Fojnica is exported to 42 countries, all over the world, and is sold from Japan, across the EU, to the United States.

One of the most important MS&Wood’s industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the largest manufacturer and chain of furniture stores in the world, the Swedish IKEA.

(Source: ekapija)

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