The Commission for Finance did not support the Set of Excise Taxes

Revenue from Indirect Taxes 2015 oslobodjenje.baThe Commission for Finance and Budget of the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH with four votes “for” and five “against” did not support the set of excise tax legislation proposed by the Council of Ministers.

The following were not supported: the Draft Law on Amendments to the Excise Tax Law in BiH, the Bill of Amendments to the Law on Payments to the Single Account and the Revenue Allocation and the Bill of Changes to the Law on Indirect Taxation System in BiH.

The proposed set of laws envisages an increase in fuel excise for 15 pfennings per liter, and would be used for the construction of highways and roads.

The following members of the commission voted “for”: Predrag Kožul (HDZ), Amir Fazlić (SDA), Mirsad Isaković (SBB), Dušanka Majkić (SNSD), and the following voted “against” the principles of the proposed law: Salko Sokolović, who left the SDA party, Damir Bećirović (Democratic Front), Jasmin Emric (A-SDA), Nenad Lalić (SDS) and Aleksandra Pandurević (SDS).

At the beginning of April, the House of Peoples of the State Parliament adopted this set of laws by urgent procedure, and the House of Representatives will consider the principles of the proposed laws (first reading) at a session scheduled for May 10th.

(Source: klix)

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