12 million BAM worth Job: Who will construct the Section Bare – Kobilja Glava – Hotonj?

The Road Directorate of Canton Sarajevo announced tender for construction works on the realization of the first phase of the construction of First Transversal, section II Bare – Tunnel Kobilja Glava – D. Hotonj, subsection: roundabout Bare – Tunnel Kobilja Glava (from 2+280 km to 3+420 km).

Construction works refer to the construction of transversal route, underpass Sip, signalization, projecting and construction of a road in the settlement Sip in a length of approximately 220 meters, drainage, lighting, and installations.

In March 2017, the Government of Canton Sarajevo issued a consent for the construction of this road, but its construction has not started on the beginning of the construction season as it was previously announced due to property-legal relations, obtaining approvals for the construction works and preparation of tender documentation for public procurement of contractors that was published yesterday.

A total of 101.158.140, 97 BAM was allocated for the construction, which is in accordance with the Public Investment Program of Canton Sarajevo for the period 2017 – 2019.

The construction of this section would improve traffic conditions on main road M-18, which connects Sarajevo and Vogosca, where  delays, traffic jams, and time losses are recorded every day.

To recall, total estimated value of the First transversal amounted to more than 300 million BAM, and the realization of the project is planned on three sections: section I Kranjceviceva – Bare, section II Bare – tunnel Kobilja Glava – Hotonj and section III Hotonj – Josanica.


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