BiH among 10 richest Countries with drinking Water

waterfallWith more than 9,200 cubic meters of water per capita, BiH is among the richest countries with drinking water in the region and among the ten richest countries in Europe.

However, due to climate change it is necessary to follow the principles of sustainable development in planning the use of natural resources, is announced from the Global Fund  for the environmental protection (WWF).

Climate change, decline of natural resources and loss of biodiversity threaten the environment, whose favorable state is essential for human survival and is the foundation of economic prosperity, warns WWF.

WWF stresses that people are traditionally sensitive to water resources and recognize their importance very well. In all protected areas, water resources represent a great existential importance to the local community.

To avoid endangering the state of the environment, the WWF in BiH works on the preservation of water resources and river Trebisnjica, Hrcavka in the Sutjeska National Park, as well as on the preservation of rivers in the region – Mura, Drava and Danube rivers, is said in the statement.
(Source: klix)


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