Domestic Bekto Precisa to conquer Cameroon Market

bekto precisaThe domestic company from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Bekto Precisa is constantly working on expanding the customer network and creating new partnerships with companies with which it has not cooperated so far.

After winning the Thailand market early this year, this company has continued to expand, create new jobs and gain new markets.

Very recently, a Dominique M. Saatenang, the vice president of the Chinese-African Association of Investors, the world champion, paid a visit to Bekto Precisa, visited the facilities and expressed the pleasure with what he had seen.

In a pleasant and friendly atmosphere, with the management of the company, they discussed the conquest of the African continent, and especially Cameroon, the country where Dominique was born.

“A visit to Cameroon was arranged at the meeting, which will be led by Enisa Bekto, CEO of the company, at the end of the year.”

(Source: akta)

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