13 Years of Success in Brčko

The academy ceremony held yesterday in Brčko marked 13 years since the organization of Brčko district. Local leaders, representatives of the international community and the EU in BiH, Valentin Inzko and Peter Sorensen, attended it.

The Vice-President of the Assembly Adem Ribić said that the newly elected government of Brčko is faced with unemployment of 12,000 people, but that the government is ready to adopt the most important decisions on its own, and in this way will solve the problem of unemployment and corruption in Brčko district.

“Mutual cooperation and respect for politicians in Brčko district has contributed to the EU’s belief that Brčko is a prime example in BiH, and that it would contribute to further progress in BiH’’, said the Special Representative of the EU for BiH Peter Sorensen.

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