Hadžibajrić: Old Crafts are the Treasure of Municipality Stari Grad

Municipality Stari Grad is working on the realization of several projects, among which is the construction of a building for internally displaced people in the locality of Baruthana, as well as the construction of a tekke on Kovači that is financed by a Turkish municipality that is partnered with Stari Grad municipality.

In talks is the construction of a sports hall in Bistrik. There is already a preliminary and detailed design for the project.

“To stimulate agricultural production in our municipality, this year we will allocate 183.000 KM, which is significantly more than in the previous year’’, said the mayor of Stari Grad Hadžibajrić in an interview for Fena.

When it comes to tourist offers in Stari Grad, the Mayor said that it has much to offer to tourists who come to Sarajevo and BiH, from cultural sights to gourmet specialties.

“According to some statistics, Stari Grad had 340.000 tourists last year, and we are satisfied with these results”, said Hadžibajrić.

Also, in Stari Grad there are three associations that deal with protecting old crafts, and the oldest one is the Association “Stari Zanati”, which was formed in 1996. All the associations deal with protecting old crafts, its family tradition that is 50-100 years old.

The Mayor said that what is rare in Europe and what attracts tourists is that these old crafts offer the repair of their own and other items. Many are really surprised when they come to the old town in Sarajevo and have their old necklaces, bags, belts and other items repaired. This is rare in Europe today.

The International League of Humanists in 2011 nominated Hadžibajrić for the award of Golden Plaque with the badge of overall contribution to the government. The French Association “Republique de Montmartre” awarded him the recognition of honorary member of the Association. Hadžibajrić is the winner of the “Golden Tourist Rose” 2010 and FEST in 2009.

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